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"Effective Communication Begins with Mutual Respect"  ...Anonymous

I am currently available in Orlando ☀️ and would love to hear from you!


Although short notice appointments are very difficult to arrange, I will do my best to accommodate. Your cooperation in the screening process will go a long way toward securing our encounter faster!

Be polite, respectful, gentle, generous, and ready to have an incredible experience together!

Please be advised..Screening Information for all new Friends is Mandatory.  If I request additional information, please be respectful and understanding of the process.  I fully respect everyone's privacy and need for anonymity, but I also reserve the right to refuse engagements that don't satisfy my requirements for my safety. 


Below is my contact form with some preliminary information that I require, as part of the Screening process.

Refrain from any demeaning or derogatory terms. They are not tolerated and will result in an abrupt ending of any conversations!!

Tel: (614) 327-3547

Orlando, Fl & Travel/FMTY

Thanks for getting in touch!

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