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About Taylor

Hi !  I'm Taylor, and I appreciate you stopping by my page! 

I am an outgoing, beautiful blonde built for pleasure. I've been told by my friends that I remind them of a classic Hollywood beauty - somewhat of a Marilyn Monroe look - I have long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, nice tan, and an all-natural 38DD. Curvy in all the right places, natural and a smile that will brighten up your day!  I am passionate and sweet, low key in my demeanor and just love to relax with people I enjoy.  Is that you? I'm guessing it is, since you're here!  The company of kind, sweet, genuine gentlemen is definitely something that brings out the best in me.  It's the best way to reward me for the kindness and respect I will show YOU.

Are you passing through on business and need a break from the grind of meetings and conferences?  Or maybe you're local, and would like a more regularly scheduled tryst with that gal next door?  Make me smile, and you'll be rewarded with a fun, flirty, bubbly personality that will help you escape, unwind, relax and enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. 


I have come to realize, already in my young life, that I love to love, I love to give, and the energy I receive from people I get to know is truly rewarding.  I consider myself a highly erotic gal - it feeds my soul, and the intimacy between people transcends all the traditional boxes we put ourselves in.  I allow myself to love and be loved, enjoying every moment we share together.

I like to look around me and see all the beauty that life has to offer.  I enjoy the outdoors, and did I mention I love to Tan? So, beaches definitely call my attention.  Have you experienced a nice dinner with a blonde bombshell at a riverfront restaurant? What are you waiting for??? ;).  I do enjoy good company - I like to talk and learn about others' experiences and viewpoints.  Perhaps I'm a sponge for knowledge? I will listen to you and appreciate all you have to offer, with a smile.  

I have many shades to my personality, but always covered in smiles, warmth and laughter.  I enjoy life and the people around me fill my soul, regardless of what we may be doing at that moment.  Don't be shy to get in touch with me!  I'm very sweet and approachable.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted:  -Aesop

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